Character animation, and animation in general, is one of the most basic things you need to tell a story. You want to express an emotion or tell an engaging story. This is were I come into play. I am a character animator with an incline for general 3D and compositing.

I have great knowledge of character animation, but in addition to that, I also know my way around the other departments of a visual effects production. I know how to work as a 3d generalist, doing modeling, shading, rendering and even some scripting and I also know enough about compositing to not make a fool out of myself in a compositing department.

That experience pays off when working with the different departments. I am able to judge the complexity of a shot and I am able to communicate between different kinds of artists.

You are able to hire me as (character) animator, modeler or 3D generalist. Just read a bit more about me and my vitae and if you decide, that I am your man, you can of course contact me and we can work out a deal that works for both of us.