I have a deep understanding of the principles of animation and an eye for timing and composition. During my travels in the digital world I learned a solid hands-on overview of general 3D techniques like modeling, shading and rendering.

Monika Bress

In addition, I know my way around most compositing packages and have a great understanding of the compositing basics. This has always proven to be very useful in production so far and I am working on always expanding my horizon.

Most of all, I love to do animations, especially character animations. This is, were a story starts to work its magic and I love to be a part of that.


Founder and Lead Artist

BabylonDreams — 2004–now
BabylonDreams started as a local company doing small commercials and logo animations, but grew into an independent post-production service provider from there. We are creating character animations, technical animations, architectural & product visualizations and visual effects.
  • Art Directing all projects in house
  • Lead Artist for animation, modeling, texturing and rigging
  • Animated 13 shots for the American children series “Andy’s Airplanes” including the DVD intro
  • Rendered 12 shots for the American children series “Andy’s Airplanes”
  • Modeled and Animated a close to photorealistic Panther
  • Steadily training my abilities by creating and maintaining small projects, whenever there is time for it

Freelance 3D Animator

MACKEVISION, Stuttgart — 03/2009–05/2009
Mackevision employs more than 70 experts and is regarded as one of the world’s market leaders in the area of 3D visualization, animation, visual effects, and post-production for agencies, film production and industrial clients.
  • Deepened my knowledge of 3ds Max in a production pipeline
  • Developed and animated a product introduction for one of the leading car manufacturers
  • Blocked two camera movements as animatic, that where used to shoot real-footage on location
  • Helped out with animation and previz editing whenever I was needed

Freelance 3D Artist

yoose3D, Titisee-Neustadt — 11/2008–12/2008
yoose3D is a visualization oriented media service provider. Their main field of expertise are architectural and medical visualizations.
  • Fully rigged two characters, male and female
  • Animated two walk cycles and up to ten different moves, to be used with different — at the time — unknown camera angles
  • Simulated one negligee with nCloth
  • Attached different lingerie to the characters which where delivered after animation
  • Exported the animated mesh to a 3ds Max readable format

Character Artist

Quadriga FX/morro Images, Potsdam-Babelsberg — 07/2008–09/2008
morro images is an animation studio, which provides visual effects, motion graphics, 3D animations, 3D modeling, 3D simulation, character design, titles design, on-air design, production design and compositing.
  • Designed six out of ten Logo Characters
  • Modeled and textured two Characters
  • Animated three ten second idents

3D Animator

Pixomondo Images, Ludwigsburg — 05/2008
Pixomondo is one of the leading visual effects companies in Germany. With over 150 artists in 8 international offices, they create VFX for feature films, commercials and corporate movies.
  • Animated the main characters digital double for the movie “Kill Daddy Good Night.”

3D Generalist

cine+ vision, Ludwigsburg — 02/2008–04/2008
cine+ vision was a subsidiary of cine+, one of the leading media-service providers in Germany. It was founded to provide visual effects services for the feature film production “Prisoners of the Sun.”
  • Modeled one of the two main 3D characters of the movie “Prisoners of the Sun,” an alien hornet
  • Animated and test-rigged the hornet, to find out the actual needs of the production rig
  • Prepared finished scenes for rendering, which was dearly needed and very welcome by the 3D supervisor

Freelance 3D Artist

Postyr Postproduktion ApS, Copenhagen — 2007–2008
Postyr Postproduktion ApS (subsidiary of Fridthjof Film) is a post-production service provider. They produce their own feature films, which are among the biggest national successes in recent Danish cinema.
  • Created all 3D content for several dozen commercials
  • Answered all questions concerning VFX

Freelance Character Animator

useful slug, London — 02/2008
useful slug is a small creative collective with a love for character animation and the according knowhow.

*Animated several shots of cartoon peanuts jumping around and expressing joy for Bavik beer for a Belgian beer commercial.

Freelance Character Animator

brainpets GbR, Ludwigsburg — 11/2007–01/2008
brainpets is a small creative collective developing artistic short films and illustrations
  • Animated loops of a yellow ice bear — the mascot of the Berlin GASAG — for the use on their internet portal

VFX Artist

Fridthjof Film, Copenhagen — 2006–2007
Fridthjof Film is a post-production service provider. They produce their own feature films, which are among the biggest national successes in recent Danish cinema.
  • Operated up to ten different software packages, among them Autodesk Maya, Apple shake, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Motion
  • Supervised an average of three people on 15–20 projects
  • Developed a MEL script, which built and rigged a 3D magazine for instant use on several commercials automatically with a minimum of input
  • Guided four trainees, widened their VFX related skills and sharpened their focus for their environment
  • Streamlined supply areas
  • Reorganized and maintained flora and fauna


The German Film School, Elstal/Berlin — Diplom Digital Artist, 2004

Animation Personal Training, Online Course, Keith Lango — Participated 2009


Like most other women, I like to rearrange furniture and streamline life at home, which most of the time ends in building my own furniture. Whenever I am satisfied with the way things are, I love reading fantasy books or watching all kinds of movies and TV series.

Additionally I always try to improve my creative side by tinkering and sewing new toys for our pet ferrets.


  • Messiah — power user
  • Silo — power user
  • zBrush — intermediate user
  • Maya — power user
  • modo — entry level user
  • XSI — entry level user
  • 3ds Max — entry level user
  • shake — intermediate user
  • After Effects — intermediate user
  • Motion — intermediate user
  • MEL — intermediate user
  • General scripting — entry level user
  • Windows — intermediate user
  • OS X — power user


Where you can find me on the net

You can download this CV for future reference:

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